Against the Wall.

Conscious of being alone someday? I hope not...

I'm Scared.
So deeply wishing to keep you as my partner, my bestfriend, my lover, my mum and my goddess...
But waking up from this dream isnt hard in a world like this... when our ways split up.. ?  
I'm scared of nothing... no ghost or spider no zombie or eider ...  but to lose you forever...
You enjoy the highest value of love and desire in my mind and my heart and I cant give this drug away...too addicted I would crawl in the depths of hell if I would lose the thing I miss, want, adore, need and most of all love...  the most..
I'm bagging you please sweet angel of mercy... :
Never take her away.

10.2.09 13:25

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na rate mal (11.2.09 16:34)
awww mein süßer kitsch-könig
ich bin ganz gerührt x)
ld <3

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